I want to extend…

I want to extend my heartfelt thank you. I was stuck in a digital abyss with Comcast. After hours of working with them over the phone to no avail, I insisted in having service come to my home. Again, hours later and a replaced router/modem, I was left with dismal performance. I stopped into your store which resulted in your technician coming to our home. He fixed my wireless which was running at 2 (mega bytes) and brought it up to 77. I am sane again and my husband is no longer hiding from my rage. Not only did your technician fix my system, but when he was leaving I asked him if he knew anyone who could help us set up our sound and entertainment systems. He said he could and we scheduled another visit. Last night we watched a movie and my husband has music again! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Customer for life!

Hello Ms Petranovich,

I wanted to let you know that I am now a Computer Corner customer for life!

I had a great experience working with the employees at Computer Corner. They were helpful and, equally important, they were kind to me when I was feeling pretty bad about what was going on with my computer.

They helped helped me and offered advice when I showed up late one night with a laptop that had just had a hard drive crash.

They were able to get all my personal files off this non-correctly functioning hard drive. (Dell had told me that there was no hope and that my files were lost.)

They also wiped the drive for me because I was worried about sending Dell the hard drive with my entire life on it.

Every employee I met was extremely professional but also kind and truly listened to what I was worrying about. They also took the time to explain everything to me, which I appreciate.

I am thankful for the help that I received and wanted you to know how terrific your employees are.

Gina R.

Customer Service

Dear Ms. Petranovich:

This correspondence is in reference to my recent experience with one of your employees.

In December 2017 I purchased a new computer from your company to replace an older Equus PC. I also chose to have your company deliver and install the new computer-a decision that I would be very glad I made.

Your technician delivered and installed the computer- an upgrade- per the arranged date. Following the initial installation, there was some issues that I was experiencing that I could not resolve. After contacting him, we agreed upon a time where he would return to address my concerns. I was a bit concerned and somewhat frustrated but he assured me that he would resolve any problems that I was experiencing. On Friday, January 5, 2018 he returned and had the computer working perfectly. He additionally answered my numerous questions and concerns with knowledgeable patience.

Customer service is sadly lacking in so many areas of our lives; these include both public and private sectors. It was so gratifying to experience the high level of customer service that he provided to me. There were many companies where I could have purchased my computer. Since I had previously bought one from Computer Corner I chose to replace it from your company. I am very satisfied with the new computer but more importantly it was a pleasure to deal with such an experienced and compassionate employee as Mr. Nimitz. He is truly an asset to your organization. I am a satisfied, albeit somewhat ‘small’ returning customer.

Jeff S.

I’m a new customer

By way of introduction I am a new customer of Computer Corner and want to share my experiences.

From my first visit to your business, and throughout several trips thereafter, each and every time I was greeted by employees who enthusiastically cared about me “the customer”. They were a joy to work with each time I encountered them.

Because I was having difficulty when my computer was returned to my office, it necessitated a site visit from your technician. Suffice it to say, he not only was patient with my lack of computer knowledge; an excellent listener; a calming influence; proceeded in accomplishing the tasks at hand in a most pleasant and professional manner; and, left me with a positive and confident impression that he was sincerely and genuinely interested in customer satisfaction. In fact, in the near future (after work-related constraints let up) I will call and request him to install my newly purchased laptop at my home.

Additionally, in December I took the Windows 10 Introductory course with your instructor and had a three hour one-on-one session with him last Friday. He, too, was very patient, positive, and knowledgeable in his instruction. Thanks to him, as I become more familiar and comfortable with Windows 10, there will be no hesitation to request additional lessons. He was delightful to work with and actually “educated” me in not being afraid of the computer. Toward the end of my class I was enjoying and looking forward to cultivating my curiosity in this learning process.

In this day and age, it is rare to experience a business such as yours; filled with employees who demonstrate respect and pride with their smiles and attentiveness for all who pass through your doors.

From a trusting and appreciative customer,

Jeanne R.

I want to thank you…

I want to thank you for the wonderful service Computer Corner provides. Over the last several years either my husband or I have come in with our computers for service. Your staff always goes out of their way to help!

Yesterday I came in with a slow computer and your technician spent time getting it straightened out. He was so helpful and knowledgeable.

Again, thank you AND Merry Christmas!
Deborah T.

Your technician…

Your technician completed a service call at my new residence on 07/27/17.  Please be informed that he is an excellent representative of your company.  Courteous, knowledgeable, efficient and speedy.  I was extremely satisfied with his work and ecstatic to have my system up and working perfectly.

Thank you

Sandra J.

Dear Carole…

Dear Carole:  I am pleased that your service person performed a magical transformation on my desktop computer this afternoon.  He arrived in a timely manner, waded through my “mess” successfully, took my junk computer for recycle, and was a very pleasant gentleman.  Thank you for providing a wonderful homegrown resource for Albuquerque.


Marilyn F.

I purchased a ProBook…

I purchased a ProBook computer on 7/27/17 from your retail staff. He was able to get Windows 7 to be compatible with my wife’s computer until we both need to update to Windows 10.

Your technician came out to our house the next day to hook to wireless, connect the wireless printer, create a new gmail account for me and install dropbox.  He was fantastic. He saved me hours of time and many mistakes. He did everything I asked, and very rapidly. I was extremely pleased with his work, and you can be very proud of him as an employee–that’s why we use Computer Corner.

We like your new location. A couple days later my opening screen locked up (asking for a password). I took the new computer in and within 5 minutes, your service person solved the problem.

Thank you for your courteous staff and for running a great company. Please compliment these employees on my behalf.


David J.

I’m impressed…

I’m impressed with your instructor. His knowledge, I’d have to say, is a given for me. With the years of experience he has, I’d expect him to be very knowledgeable. What I really liked is how he was able to interact and communicate with everyone. He was very patient with us and I never noticed him slip into an impatient space.