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2-Hour Class with Computer Corner’s Lead Instructor


Literacy in the 21st century is not just about being able to read and write fluently. Many individuals argue computer literacy is equivalently vital as our lives become more dependent on using computers to perform daily tasks. Knowing how to use computers and software allows you to accomplish tasks in a more organized, efficient, and timely manner.

Computer technology is advancing and it is easy to fall behind. Training will provide you with a solid foundation that will serve you for years to come. At Computer Corner, our goal is to equip you with the computer skills necessary to succeed.

Windows 10 is the latest and most powerful operating system Microsoft has ever released. But it is also the most complex. Windows 10 combines features from its two previous versions, making the operating system user friendly across multiple devices (PCs, laptops, and tablets).

While the user interface is familiar to those of you have used Windows 7 or Windows 8, you need to learn to customize your experience to get the maximum performance from the new features. New features of Windows 10 include voice assistant Cortana, Edge Browser, the ability to work in multiple desktops, and more.

Become A Pro At Windows 10 is a two-hour hands-on, instructor led, classroom based course held in our state-of-the art computer lab. The course is designed as a transition for people who have or will be switching from the Windows 7 operating system to the Windows 10 operating system in a personal and/or professional environment.

You should be proficient in the general use of a computer, keyboard, and mouse. You should have basic knowledge of Windows 7 or Windows 8 operating system.

Only $39.99 per student

Course Content
  • Lesson 1:  How to Log In to Windows 10

  • Lesson 2: Navigating Windows 10 Like a Pro
    • Topic A: Using the New Task Bar
      • How to know what’s running
      • The Notifications Area
    • Topic B: Using the New Start Menu
      • Improved 7 style start, Improved 8 style tiles
    • Topic C: Using the New File Explorer
      • Using the New Settings Menu
      • Personalization of your computer
      • Other settings
      • Where is the Control Panel?
    • Topic D: Customizing your Start Screen

  • Lesson 3:  Using the New Browser, Microsoft Edge
    • Topic A:   Microsoft plays catch-up with other browsers
    • Topic B:   Using the new feature, Reading View
      • (Almost makes upgrade to Win 10 worth it by itself!)
      • Using the new feature, Page Markup Save and Send

  • Lesson 4:  Using the New Copy and Paste (It’s not new if you came from Windows 8)

  • Lesson 5:  Using File History

  • Lesson 6:  Meeting and working with your personal assistant, Cortana

Ask your questions and get professional advice from our instructor during the course.
About The Trainer: Phil Shortell is a professional educator with over 30 years’ experience in teaching Computer Science. Phil holds certification as a Microsoft Authorized Instructor and a Microsoft Office Master. During the course of his career Phil has taught at four different colleges and been a guest lecturer on five continents. Phil became the lead instructor at Computer Corner in 2005.  
For more information please call our training coordinator at (505)881-2333 or email.

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