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Beyond Dynamic Duos, Here’s a Tremendous Trio!

We all have favorite trios, “the Kingston Trio”, “the Three Witches from Macbeth”, Three Little Pigs, Three Bears, Three Musketeers and my personal favorite, “the BLT”, not to mention, the symbol of our Country, flying high, the “Red, White and Blue”.

At Computer Corner we have a favorite trio or threesome of software products that will help keep your computer safe… or at least safer, really nothing can keep you 100% safe, but…safer, when you are on the internet. And who ISN’T on the internet these days?

Three products – to start, the Dynamic DuoKaspersky Antivirus with HitmanPro (the killer behind the scenes) and the third is all-to-little known, and underestimated apprentice, Malwarebytes.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus for your desktop, HitmanPro, the malware hunter that will seek out those villains and kill them dead in their tracks and Malwarebytes, which nabs the pesky and sometimes malicious malware that lurks around even after your anti-virus program has done its job.

So, why do you need all three? Because they do different things, don’t interfere with each other and as a trio, they help protect your computer and therefore, you.

If you’ve listened to the Computer Corner radio show on 770KKOB AM/94.5 FM or if you’ve been into Computer Corner, you know that we recommend Kaspersky Anti-Virus software.

That’s because we feel that it provides the best virus protection for you and your computer, without bogging down all your computer’s resources.

All of us, even those of us in the computer business, WE ALL, as computers users, allow a virus to come into our computer because WE invite it in by opening an attachment in an e-mail or, in my case, downloading a recipe, or who knows sometimes, but it happens. Notice that the emphasis is on the word, “WE”. WE get careless, we get lazy, we get in too much of a hurry and click, click, click…. Tick, tick, tick… Bang, we’re infected.

Sometimes a virus or malware gets past your anti-virus – no matter how good your protection is – so what then? Well, that’s where these other two products come in.

At Computer Corner we do sell Kaspersky and recommend it 100%, but we don’t sell these other two products, although we do believe in them, none the less.

1) Kaspersky – Anti-Virus protection – I don’t think you really need me to describe this one.

2) HitmanPro – markets itself as the 2nd opinion Malware scanner designed to discover viruses, Trojans, and other malicious activity that (once again) you have perhaps let in yourself and that has rooted itself inside your computer.

And finally, in our trio of recommended software to protect from threats on the internet:

3) Malwarebytes – Anti-Malware software can detect malware that ALL, (not just Kaspersky) ALL antivirus software doesn’t detect or let’s in because you invited it – and it disables and removes the malware. It also blocks adware, popups, ransomware, browser redirects and more. It can block sites that have been infected with Malware, too, and let me say that the website itself doesn’t have to be malicious to be infected! Just an FYI, malicious intruders infect perfectly wonderful websites, not just the ones you would suspect.

And YES, even if you are fully 100% protected with an antivirus program, whether it is Kaspersky or Norton or whatever antivirus and even if you are 100% current on your updates and downloads… You need more – we think you need the trio… of Kaspersky (that you can get at computer corner) and HitmanPro and Malwarebytes.

There are free versions of all of these available, although they are not as full featured, cannot be fully automated, etc. I like to support the people bringing these great products to us, the programmers and publishers, who have to keep the products current to protect us, so I recommend you purchase the annual subscription.