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Green Eggs & Ham & Windows 10

As a fan of Dr Seuss, I can’t help but notice that people’s general reaction to Windows 10 is much like that of the character Daniel, in the famed book, “Green Eggs and Ham”.

I do not like that Windows 10. I do not like it Sam, I am!
I would not like it here or there, I would not like it anywhere
Not at the Gym, not on an whim
Not in my den, not windows 10
Not in my car, not in a bar
Not on a plane, I’m not insane!
I would not, COULD not like windows 10
I would not, could not … You get my drift…..

But in the story by Dr Seuss, Daniel, TRIES green eggs and ham and it’s a different story…. Literally.

Humm, I DO like green eggs and ham ….. (And Windows 10?)
I DO like it Sam I am
I COULD use it at the Gym
I COULD use it in my Den
I COULD use it my car
I do so like that Windows 10, I do so like it Sam, I am!

You might argue, then, that Windows 10 is “an acquired taste” (sorry for the puns).

Windows 10 is different, and naturally, we tend to steer clear of change. But Windows 10 has been out for over a year now, and although many, many (many….) people had trouble with the free upgrade loading on their older computer without crashing it, once you get past the fact that you have to learn something new, it’s not half bad.

The voice-activated Personal Assistant, Cortana, will search the web or your computer for files and photos, give you weather and traffic updates, and more. You can even call her from across the room and get her assistance without logging in. Although a microphone is required, of course.

The Edge web browser has put the “nail-in-the coffin” of Internet Explorer (Rest in Peace IE). The Edge browser has a reading mode, enabling you to shut off all the advertising (much to my ad-guy’s dismay), and has integrated Adobe Flash and PDF Support. My favorite part? The page mark-up and sharing features. “Read Mode” and “Web Note” are the official names of these features.

I personally like that you can hold the “Windows Key” and use your left or right arrow to move the current window over, to that half of the screen, giving you the option to select which other window you’d like to fill the rest of the screen.

The more tech-savvy folks might want me to talk about the techie features, but not today! Not in the Gym, not on a whim… But just a “taste” of techie stuff: Windows 10 has great driver support. It makes OS (Operating System) reloads much faster. The UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) and server verification also makes it easier to activate Windows. There.

Lastly, Windows 10 incorporates the good parts of 8.1 with some of the more popular features from Windows 7 (i.e. start menu.), with a modernized desktop feel.

Windows 7 will continue to be supported by Microsoft until January of 2020, so there’s no rush for you to get Widows 10 or upgrade your computer now. Eventually, though, we’ll all be using Windows 10, so if you’re buying a new computer, you might want to take the plunge.

Am I using Windows 10? Yes, sometimes, because computers are my business BUT, for running my business and for personal use, Windows 7 is still my choice, for now. But, hum… if I had a touch-screen device I just might acquire a taste for Windows 10.