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Computer Buying Tips

At Computer Corner we’ve recently seen a wave of customers who have bought computers elsewhere and discovered that the computers didn’t meet some basic requirements of their college dorms, work or software. They’re upgrading their computers with us, but wished they’d known more about what to buy to begin with.

Hence, our tips!

Windows 10 is our only choice now on a new Windows-based computer, and you’ll want to get Windows 10 Pro (or more appropriately Windows 10 Professional), 64-Bit Operating System. You’ll save money getting Windows 10 Home version, but you’ll not be able to connect to a network (which is essential for students and businesses), or connect remotely to any domain (if you plan to work remotely from home to your place of business). There are also some setting and security features that are not available to you with Windows Home.

Additionally, you’ll want to get a computer with at least 8GB of RAM. Yes, I know many are sold with 4GB, and again… that saves you money initially, but that is barely enough for Windows 10 to run and once you start doing other things with your computer, it’s going to be really slow when you boot up, save files and more.

If possible, an SSD drive would be a nice choice, especially on a laptop. This type of drive is different than the traditional SATA drives (with moving parts) and an SSD drive allows you to boot up, save and access files much faster than the traditional SATA drive. This is especially nice on a laptop, when you need access to the system quickly.

If you’re buying a laptop, you might want to opt for the accidental damage protection warranty, which will give you full replacement coverage no matter what happens to the laptop – even if a truck runs over it. Yep, it’s happened and it was fully covered under the accidental damage warranty. Do be aware that your data will not be replaced, so backing up your data is essential.