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Computer Corner - from the New Owner

As the new owners of Computer Corner, we want to introduce ourselves to you, share some of our plans for Computer Corner.

This first message is long overdue. I wanted to wow our loyal newsletter readers with amazing news about a new webstore as part of our first message. Unfortunately, we aren't quite to ready to launch and I have failed to write to you sooner! I apologize for the lack of communication. This will be the first of several regular messages over the next several weeks to keep you informed about news and updates at Computer Corner. In the meantime, you can always email with me feedback at I also regularly monitor the message box on our Google site and our Facebook page.

Now, on to our first message!

As the new owners of Computer Corner, we want to introduce ourselves to you, share some of our plans for Computer Corner.

We’re Brian and Kathryn (Kat) Fletcher, married for nearly 19 years. I (Brian) co-founded another company here in town, FootPrints Home Care, in 2005, which was a customer of Computer Corner for many years (including the purchase of more than 30 custom build Equus desktops)! After I stepped away from managing and leading FootPrints, we approached the Petranoviches about buying Computer Corner last summer because we’ve admired the company for a long time as a pillar of the community – we intend to continue that tradition.

What's NOT Changing

  • Quality Assurance: we are continuing the quality assurance and customer service polices that have been in place for many years. In addition, in key areas, we are improving our QA/QC efforts with the help of key long-time employees. More on these updates to come in future emails.

  • Equus Computer System: we are still selling and supporting our flagship Equus product, trademarked to Computer Corner. We think it’s amazing that you can get a custom-built Equus computer in less than an hour’s time.

  • Recycling Program: we continue to accept computers and tech products for recycling to help "reduce, reuse, and recycle," so that we limit the dumping of computer products in our local landfills.

What Has Changed

  • Store Hours: one of our first decisions was to expand our store hours, which had previously been reduced to due to Covid-19. We are now opening an hour earlier at 8am on weekdays. Our new hours can be found in the footer of this email.

  • Schedule Stability for Staff: the primary reason for expanding our hours to 8am was to provide a predictable and reliable schedule for our employees. This change has been well received.

  • New Hire Part I: we have hired Delia M. as our full-time Sales Team Assistant. If you call us, you will likely get the opportunity to speak to Delia. She is a great addition to the team and is a welcoming voice on the phone!

  • New Hire Part II: we have recently hired Irie Z. as our full-time Service Advisor. Irie's role is to guide our customers through the entire service process, from diagnostic to recommended services to reviewing the results of the work done. He is focused on helping our customers understand their options so they can make informed and confident decisions about their service options.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, but as you can see, we are investing in our staff to ensure that you experience the highest levels of customer service. If you feel we are not meeting your expectations, please email me directly at

In addition, we are working on implementing a webstore soon, updating our website, offering remote diagnostic services, and becoming a Dell and Apple authorized service center. We also plan to offer managed technical services, especially for small businesses who may not have their own IT staff. We have plans for much more and I'll be updating you as we go.

We look forward to working with you and encourage you to reach out to us with questions and ideas.

Brian Fletcher President Computer Corner, Inc.


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