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Don't let your AI apps become a security nightmare.

Some of the new AI-powered applications are truly mind-blowing. 

They can create videos from a few words. 

Or analyze data like a digital wizard. 

But just like any powerful tool, AI apps need proper security measures in place.  

It’s likely your cybersecurity strategy doesn’t cover AI yet. 

We get it. 

AI is so new, who’s had time to update all those cyber strategies? 

But you need to start thinking about AI cybersecurity. 

Otherwise, you might end up with a big “oops!” that costs a lot of time and money. 

Here's how to keep your AI apps and data safe and sound: 

Patch It Up!  

 Just like software, AI models can have vulnerabilities.  

Stay vigilant and patch any security holes as soon as they're discovered.  

Think Like a Hacker (But for Good!) 

Have regular vulnerability testing performed.  

Identify and address weaknesses before someone with malicious intent exploits them.  

Lock Down Access 

Not everyone needs full access to your AI applications.  

Implement proper access controls and monitor user activity.  

Stay Transparent   

Be upfront about how your company uses AI and what data it collects.  

Transparency like this is essential for data privacy compliance. 

Securing your AI applications requires planning and awareness.  

We can help! Take a look at our Secure VIP Program to learn more or schedule an appointment with a Computer Corner Tech Advisor today. Securing your technology would be our pleasure.


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