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Get Your Geek On! Cruising Down the Bits & Bytes Blog Information Superhighway of Technology!

Welcome to the latest Computer Corner Bits & Bytes blog post, where we're about to take a detour from the serious highway of business technology and venture into the fun-filled alleyways of tech town. So, loosen your ties, kick off your high heels, and prepare for a joyride through the lighter side of technology. Who said tech couldn't be fun? Not us!

Set your student up for success with these back-to-school must-haves, from the best laptop for students to a heavy-duty backpack and more.

Can an AI-powered chatbot preach a sermon? This congregation found out.

A recent Hubble telescope image shows a beautiful and unique "jellyfish" galaxy.

Will companies be using brain data in the future to track and monitor employees? It could be possible with "neurotech."

"The Simpsons: Hit and Run" is one of the most classic games of the early 2000s, and now, a dedicated fan has made a remake with Unreal Engine 5, resulting in the title having massive graphics upgrades.

Laser cutters are nothing new, but Glowforge has a long history of adding something that the category has sorely been lacking: Ease of use.

The Best Barbie Collabs to Fill Your Dream House: Live in Barbie’s world with a hot pink electric toothbrush, sparkly phone case, and bright yellow inline skates.

Thank you for nerding out with us! Now you are in the know. As your trusted Computer Corner Tech Advisor, we strive to bring you useful, fun, and interesting technology information on a variety of topics. Need help with a new or existing device? Contact us today!

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