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How Would You Define Your Tech Personality?

In the world of technology, I believe there are as many user types as there are versions of the iPhone. Some tech users want all of the details and others...well, they just want it to work. Which Tech Personality do you relate to the most?

At Computer Corner in Albuquerque we have a broad range of customer types with diverse technical needs. We love the opportunity to help our local community keep their technology up to date and protected from on-line attacks.

Here are some of the common tech needs we see, along with the common solutions we offer.

The Gamer requires high end video performance and speed! The Gamer is up to date on the latest technology and usually comes in with a specific request to achieve a very particular performance. Think Liam Neeson, and his very particular set of skills. For this user we offer our Equus Custom.

The Forward Thinker is an adventurous, confident, planner, and strategist. They understand that on-line predators are always evolving. The Forward Thinker does not want to leave themselves vulnerable to attacks today or tomorrow. Think Indiana Jones - "X never, ever, marks the spot". For this user we offer our Secure VIP.

The Seasoned User is skilled and can quickly recognize when something is not quite right. Think Tom Hanks in Apollo 13 - "Houston, we have a problem." The Seasoned User will usually reach out only after they have emptied their bag of tech tricks. For this situation we like to start by offering to schedule a diagnostic.

The Digital Native grew up with technology, speak the language and are very comfortable in all things computer. Think the Matrix Reloaded - "What do all men with power want? More power." For this user we have Equus CTO custom built from the ground up.

The Tech Enthusiast is someone that uses technology personally, professionally, or both, on a daily basis. They want to rely on our expert advisor for quality at a good price. Think Harvey from Suits- "I didn't ask you to explain the problem to me, I asked you to fix it for me." Our Equus Pro is often the prefect technology solution.

The Proficient User uses technology regularly but they leave the details up to us at Computer Corner. Think of Ferris Bueller - “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” This user knows that our Personal Tech Services are here and ready when they need them.

The Business Owner is knee deep in running a business. They leave the IT services to our Managed Service Team. Think of us as Doc from Back to the Future - "Roads? Where we're going we don't need roads." For the Business Owner our Managed Services Team is on standby and ready to resolve and remove technology obstacles as they arise.

The Tenderfoot is someone that usually uses technology minimally for simple transactions. Usually to pay a bill, watch a how to video, or look up information about a local service. They lack confidence but we can help! We have online training videos and our Bits & Bytes Blog to help increase knowledge resulting in confidence. Remember knowledge is power! We also suggest our Secure VIP service so we can make sure your technology stays up to date and better protected while you roam the web. "Just keep swimming." like Dory in Finding Nemo, but also, let us do the swimming for you.

If you need help getting your technology secured, diagnosed, repaired, replaced, upgraded, or built, contact a Computer Corner Tech Advisor today. We would love the opportunity to find the right solution for your specific needs.


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