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Windows 11 is Here!

In this issue, we will review some highlights of Windows 11, the options for upgrading, and Microsoft's continued support of Windows 10.


Windows 11 Overview

A thorough overview of Windows 11 can be found here.


Key Points about Windows 11

  • Windows 11 is NOT a required upgrade.

  • Windows 11 is FREE to any Windows 10 user.

  • Windows 10 will be SUPPORTED through 2025 - you can stay with Windows 10 for an additional FOUR years with full support.

  • You can check your system's compatibility with Windows 11 with this free tool from Microsoft.

  • Windows 11 is only compatible with 8th generation CPUs or newer and its hardware (RAM and Hard Drive) requirements are much more stringent. We are recommending 16GB RAM and an SSD because Windows 11 is so much more resource intensive than Windows 10.

  • You may have to wait. Microsoft has said existing PCs may not be upgraded until early 2022, so the standard upgrade process will be slow and gradual even for existing PCs.

  • Our recommendation for early adopters: if you are interested in Windows 11, you can bring your system to Computer Corner and have our technicians test your system for both CPU compatibility and hardware (RAM and Hard Drive) compatibility.

  • Not sure what to do - nervous about upgrading? Be patient. No need to upgrade right away. Since Windows 10 is supported through 2025, don't rush to upgrade. Wait till the first update to Windows 11 is released or wait until Windows 11 becomes more universally adopted.

  • Curious about Windows 11 and your system is compatible? Be sure to back up your data. You can have Computer Corner upgrade your system for you or you can download your update direct from Microsoft (when invited by Microsoft). You have TEN DAYS to downgrade back to Windows 10 if you don't like Windows 11. If you wait longer than 10 days, you'll have to reload your system to Windows 10 from scratch.


Updates About Computer Corner

  • Computer Corner was named to the Flying 40 Fastest Growing Tech Companies in New Mexico, by the Albuquerque Journal, for the ninth year in a row (2013-2021)! Thank you for your continued support.

  • We have hired two new people for our staff.

  • Dylan Mingus is our Technical Services Associate in the Showroom and will be working with service customers to manage communication and updates on service tickets while also advising customers interested in purchasing a computer.

  • Anthony Wanjon is our Procurement and Sales Associate. He will manage incoming deliveries, special orders, shipping, deliveries, and he will help us launch our upcoming webstore by the end of the year!


REMINDER: New Business Hours

Computer Corner has expanded business hours during the week, on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. We are open till 6pm to allow customers to visit us after work or on their way home.

Our new hours are as follows:

  • Monday, 8am - 5pm

  • Tuesday, 8am - 5pm

  • Wednesday, 8am - 6pm

  • Thursday, 8am - 6pm

  • Friday, 8am - 6pm

  • Saturday, Closed

  • Sunday, Closed

As always, please send feedback.


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