Your Old Computer Equipment

Monitors and computers contain toxic substances! Don’t let your old equipment go to a landfill.

When you recycle at Computer Corner, usable equipment is repaired and recycled into the community.

What can’t be recycled is properly disposed of.

Computer Corner can recycle:

  • Desktop, Laptop & Tablet Computers
  • Servers
  • Printers & Scanners
  • LCD/LED Monitors (but no TVs or CRT Monitors, Please)
  • Computer Parts
  • Batteries including UPS

No small appliances like microwaves, please.

Recycle at Computer Corner.

Recycle at Computer Corner during any of our hours of operation:
Monday – Tuesday:     8am to 5pm
Wednesday – Friday:  8am to 6pm
No longer open on Saturday, as of August 23, 2021
Closed on Major holidays