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An Easy Maintenance Routine for Computer Health

Today, let’s talk about an easy and quick maintenance routine for your computer. Whether you are working on a PC or MAC, on a laptop or desktop, this is a routine we encourage you to complete once a month to keep your computer in top shape. Contact us to find out about options to have us do this for you!

In our last post, we discussed the importance of having a reputable Anti-virus or Anti-malware program (we recommend Malwarebytes) and the post prior, we discussed three simple steps to protect your computer against cyber attacks.

Some MAC users don’t believe they need extra anti-virus or malware protection, but that would be an incorrect assumption that could be disastrous if you are infected with a virus.

To keep your computer healthy, run Malwarebytes to get rid of cookies, ad tracking, malware, and will scan for viruses.

After Malwarebytes, run CCleaner to clean up temporary files and registry issues. CCleaner is a free program for personal use only. But this is not the last step.

Once you have finished running CCleaner, finish by clicking the Start button (on a PC) and type in This PC, right click on the OS (C:) and click Properties. On the General tab, click Disk Cleanup, click Ok, and then click Delete files. This will help remove any leftover temporary files that CCleaner missed.

The last step should be making sure all the Windows updates are current by going down to the search box on the taskbar and typing “Windows Update” or “check for updates” (on a PC) which will bring you to the Windows Update. There will be a notification stating if you are up to date or if updates are required. You can click Check for Updates and it will run a scan for possible updates.

If you have done this maintenance routine and your computer is still running slowly, you can contact us at Computer Corner to see if your computer is running out of hard drive space. To check your hard drive space, go back to Start and type This PC and on the OS (C:) drive, right click, and click Properties. You will see a circle showing how much space on your drive is used and how much free space is remaining. The general rule of thumb is that you should have 15% - 20% of the total capacity free.

If you have any questions on this maintenance routine or if your computer is still running sluggishly, contact us today at Computer Corner and we can run a diagnostic to see what might be causing delays. Keeping your computer in top shape will help you have many happy computing days to come.

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